North Pole Reindeer

The North Pole Reindeer began Holiday League play in the 2013 season. Mr. S. Claus, Esq., managing partner for the the Noël Sports Holding, LLC ownership group, was excited to bring baseball to an underserved market.

“We have long felt that bringing professional baseball to the North Pole made sense,” said Claus. “We have nine players who, frankly, had a lot of time on their hands 11-1/2 months out of the year. And ever since Veeck got one of our fans, Eddie, into that game back in ’51, we’ve had a lot of support for fielding our own team.”

Tapping into the strong family entertainment brand values of minor league baseball, the Reindeer deliver a product that demonstrates the best in sportsmanship, both on and off the field. “Look, we know naughty, and we know nice.” said Claus. “We also know the infield fly rule, which means less coal in our umpires’ stockings.”

Fans enjoy a complete ballpark experience at Nicholas Field, which was voted the best Holiday League ballpark in its inaugural year. Claus credits the team’s ballpark success with the concessions management expertise of local favorite Mrs. C Catering, Inc. “We know what our fans want in ballpark fare,” said Claus, “That’s cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.”

The Reindeer look forward to helping build the success of the Holiday League for years to come.

Report filed by Buddy the Elf, Special Holiday League Correspondent

Reindeer secondary logos

North Pole Reindeer secondary logos

Reindeer uniforms

Reindeer home, away, and Sunday alternate jerseys.

Rudolph card, frontRudolph card, back Rudolph the Red-Nosed Shortstop’s MVP baseball card.

(illustration by Jayro Design. See Rudolph’s extended stats at


reindeer-blog-image-1 The full set of North Pole Reindeer team trading cards can be viewed at the team website!


Front gate of the new Nicholas Field

 See the new home of the Reindeer, Nicholas Field, the first adaptive reuse stadium project in the Holiday League!

Santa's 1885 baseball card

 Reindeer team owner Mr. S. Claus, Esq. was himself a strapping young baseball star in the early days of North Pole baseball! Pictured here is his original 1885 North Pole Candy Canes card from the original Factory League days.