Arborville Huggers

Following the successful addition of the North Pole Reindeer, the Holiday League announced their expansion into the great wooded forests of Arborville. The Arborville Huggers will take the field for the 2014 season.

The Huggers are led by the Green Fields People’s Cooperative ownership group. Executive Officer for the Week Dennis Helvetica made the announcement.

“The Huggers are excited to deliver the most environmentally responsible and sustainable sporting experience in the Holiday League. Our bats will come from responsibly sourced local forests. Our gloves will be made from the best hemp leather substitutes. And there will be no better tofu dog in the country!” declared Helvetica.

As a community-minded organization, the Huggers front office involved their fans in an exciting opportunity. “In true democratic fashion, we brought our fans into the highest levels of executive decision making,” said Helvetica. “Our team logo was selected by popular fan vote!”

Huggers fans were excited to choose from three logo options to best represent the values of this unique organization.

Huggers traditional logo

Logo Option 1: A “traditional” baseball logo, complete with “angry-eyed” mascot. “The bat, of course, is responsibly forested,” said Helvetica.

Huggers hippie logo

Logo Option 2: A retro option that pays homage to the spiritual and cultural roots of Arborville. 

Huggers hipster logo

Logo Option 3: A modern option that represents the contemporary aesthetic of today’s hipster lifestyle.

Huggers uniforms

Huggers home and Sunday alternate jerseys.