Amityville Creepers

The Amityville Creepers announced the introduction of three new on-field mascots to entertain fans in the 2014 season.

“We’ve always prided ourselves in boasting the best fan experience in the Holiday League,” said team president Otto Van Helsing. “We like to keep our fans guessing and on the edge of their seats. They never know what’s coming next!”

The three new mascots for 2014 will be:

Don and Doug, the Doubleheader

Don and Doug, the Doubleheader: Every team needs a big bopper, and the Creepers have not one, but, er, two! With one swing of their mighty bat, Don and Doug will give fans twice as much to love!


Bat Boy: This little sucker loves baseball so much, he just can’t wait to hang around the ballpark all summer! (Please note: Bat Boy will not make appearances during day games.)

Wally the Walker

Wally the Walker: Proving that baseball is the greatest game among both the living and the dead, Wally has one of the highest on-base percentages in the league! He may be slow and shambling, but he always takes his base!

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