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BOURBONVILLE — In a carnival atmosphere full of masked performers and festooned floats at Flambeaux Field, the Bourbonville Krewe unveiled a special fortieth anniversary logo and announced plans to celebrate the milestone throughout the coming season. “We’re gonna have ourselves one season-long party,” Owner Rex Proteus proclaimed. “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

Bourbonville Krewe 40th Anniversary logo

The Bourbonville Krewe 40th anniversary logo

A parade of former players was on hand for the kick-off event, including the legendary Balthazar “Babycakes” Gateaux. The Krewe’s all-time home run leader, Gateaux entertained the throng of gathered fans with a wild reenactment of the day in 1983 when he walloped three round-trippers, then wrestled a gator that had crawled into right field.

Fan favorite Skippy Boudreaux tossed glass beads and doubloons to onlookers. The feisty second baseman won Krewe fans’ everlasting adulation after his mad scramble from first to home on a single helped the Krewe capture the Holiday League Series title in 1991 over the Grindston Hard Hats.

Other Krewe greats in attendance included Henri Chateaudeaux, the pitcher with the famously unhittable “Zulu Coconut” fastball, and Gaspard Gastreaux, who ritually downed a dozen beignets before each game he played for the Purple, Gold and Green.


Bourbonville Krewe 40th Anniversary merchandise

The Krewe will offer a wide range of merchandise and memorabilia to help commemorate their landmark season, including items featuring beloved team mascot, Comus the King Cake Baby.

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